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Public Speaking Lessons Pretoria

Speaking in front of people and getting your message across effectively can be very challenging. 

Most of us have faced the fear of doing a presentation or speaking in front of an audience, classmates or colleagues at some time in our lives.

@ NuSong we help students to gain confidence for:
  • Business presentations
  • School speeches
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Best man speeches
  • Debates
  • Eisteddfod

Public Speaking Coaching focuses on:
  • Identifying and correcting habits that negatively influence the voice
  • How Posture and alignment affects body, voice and communication skills
  • Promoting Self Confidence
  • Preparation for presentations, speeches, job interviews etc.
  • Getting your message across to your audience effectively
  • How to 'think on your feet'
  • Projection, volume, pronunciation and diction
  • Structure and elements of a good speech / presentation

Cost for Public Speaking Lessons:
R680 per month for 4 sessions of 30 minutes each

 Making  Public Speaking Lessons in Pretoria Fun

NuSong Music, Drama & Art  2015                                                                                   
Designed by: Hessiewe
Making Piano, Guitar, Drum, Saxophone, Violin, Public Speaking, Singing Drama & Art Lessons in Pretoria Fun!