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Piano & Keyboard Lessons Pretoria


Whether you love to listen to classical, rock, pop, alternative, indie or metal, you will be able to hear the most amazing piano or keyboard music in all of these genres.

Individual lessons structured around the student's needs and level of expertise.

Styles covered:
  • Rock & Pop
  • Jazz & Blues
  • Classical
  • Indie & Alternative
  • Modern & Golden Oldies

Exams & Qualifications:
  • Studens can do internationally accredited exams through:
Trinity College London:
  • Examiners come from London twice a year
  • Exams are accredited and accepted in over 60 countries worldwide.
Cost for Piano & Keyboard Lessons:
R680 per month for 4 sessions of 30 minutes each

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 Making Piano & Keyboard Lessons in Pretoria Fun! 

NuSong Music, Drama & Art  2015                                                                                   
Designed by: Hessiewe
Making Piano, Guitar, Drum, Saxophone, Violin, Public Speaking, Singing Drama & Art Lessons in Pretoria Fun!