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What our Students & Parents Say

I do want to commend Andre (Public Speaking Coach), besides his technical strength, he really has been very patient and great at motivating and encouraging me.
In the short time I have learnt a lot. I know that I will benefit from more of his coaching.

Roisin - Adult Student

@NuSong means a second home to me. Its where I come to learn more of what I love from amazing teachers.

Gabi- 21

We love the warm, friendly, family environment at @NuSong Our kids find every lesson fun amd stimulating
Nicki - Parent

My daughter and I have been part of @NuSong for almost 2 years now. What this academy has done for me personally is that it has made me believe that you are never too old to discover yourself and learn new things.
For my daughter, it has helped her with building confidence in expressing herself.
Our overall experience with the school, which is the highlight of our week, is how happy we feel each time after our  various lessons.
You know that  feeling you get when you have achieved something great in your life

Tshego - Student & Parent

@NuSong has created in my daughter an appreciation and love of music she will cherish forever.
The coaches have developed an environment of high standards fun and warmth at Nu Song. What a talented team!

@NuSong has been part of my life for 5 years. Hester is a great teacher - she has helped me achieve my Music Grade 1 level and is working with me to prepare me for my Grade 2 exams. I love piano because it is an old art form but I am playing it in  the 21st century  
Neemaad - 10
It is really fun being at @NuSong... and I hope that the fun always happens. I love piano but I would also like to learn to play another instrument soon. Thank you  Aunty Hester  for teaching us and growing our love for music 
Qeera - 8

My son and I started with guitar lessons at @NuSong in February 2017 and from the first moment we felt that Nu-Song is a place to belong.
Very warm and peaceful atmosphere. Our guitar coach Louis definitely has a passion for playing and teaching guitar.
Every week we look forward to go back for another lesson

Daleen - Student & Parent

Dit is baie lekker vir my Ek hou van die musiek wat ons speel. Daar is een reŽl in Juffrou se klas: Moenie bang wees nie

Janindy - 7   
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